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Discussion on our original group - and other conversations I've had - suggests there is strong interest in making the most of the various national programmes to support local communities, through great collaboration. I've listed the main national ones here - Community Voices (Media Trust); DC10plus; Local 2.0 (Young Foundation); RSA Connected Communities; Talk About Local; Timely Information to Citizens; IDeA/local authorities - and will add more.
It looks as if the Department for Communities and Local Government - which funds several of the programmes - may well help in convening workshops. More news soon, I hope. Meanwhile, do drop a comment to confirm any previous, or new interest.

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Thanks David - and thanks for setting all this up. As you say, CLG is funding both community-based programmes and local government projects and there are a number of policy teams in the department keen to promote the use of social technology for community empowerment and democratic renewal.

There's clearly scope for collaboration among CLG-funded projects, and others you have started to identify here

As a first step, my team in CLG would like to help convene a workshop in the Autumn (and possibly one or more follow up events) where project leaders within and outside CLG could get-together and map out who is doing what, and how to achieve the greatest benefit from the programmes for local communities.

Would people welcome that? All dependent on finding the resources but as a first step it would be good to know if this commuity is interested in taking part.

I'd be interested in this workshop, yes!

Tessy Britton and I, with the RSA, are developing a scheme called Social Spaces, which is one of the activities to put on your map, and also means we are interested in other ones in the field.

So yes, anyway, count me as interested!
Great to hear from Antonio that there is appetite within CLG to grapple with all the activity going on. I'd certainly be interested in the workshop.

Tremendous work too from David in pulling together the wiki stuff and this network. There is clearly an opportunity here to bring things together and created some positive connections.
Thanks David. Certainly interested.
Hi Antonio,

I think a workshop mixing up policy teams within CLG, programmes funded by CLG and overlapping outside projects would be a fantastic idea - in fact the more mixed up the better. There is so much going on (nationally and locally), it can be difficult to keep up with everything and it would be useful to get an overview of the landscape (which David has started to do brilliantly over on the wiki).

The good thing about a mixed-up/unconference type event is the exposure people would get to what is going on outside their immediate remit (instead of the usual techy to techy or project to project lectures). The potential to learn a lot more from what is going on in other, often parallel, sectors and teams, can be massively accelerated face-to-face, and then carried on online. All that is needed is a space to do it.

Looking forward to what transpires, but count me in.
Thanks all ... I've blogged an item over here where there's also some messages of support.
Registering interest in the Autumn workshops.

Coming off the end of a masters where I've been working with a lot of community development stuff - my focus has been on the transition point within knowledge flow systems of human and analog into digital technology.

Lots of leaks for community knowledge seems to evaporate either through lack of insight into the tools or percieved/actual loss of ownership of the information - and not recieving feedback after its capture has been commissioned.

I've run networking events around garnering Creatives in London around recognition of their social responsibility and their role in improving accessibility to existing information (both in its format and design/placement of touchpoints within the system). As of mid-September I'll be restarting these.

Be good to see what crossover there is as I'm planning to recalibrate the format so the issue and project discussion can be more applied and flow into short media/digital media projects more easily - these both highlighting and becoming community development best practice. Some of my scope falls outside the UK but first intention is to look at Camden as that is my doorstep. - to discuss this as I can imagine a parralel discussion of policy that makes for relevant project fodder and then support or forums to develop and action the thoughts of media/digital media practitioners and SME.

Also since we're talking local it may be good to start getting some locations included in the replies so any immediately obvious links can be made.

Thanks for pulling this together David and good to see discussion meeting actionable project space.
Hi David

Its something that we would be interested in contributing to at Cybermoor. Our Carnegie project to set up hyperlocal community websites in Cumbria is now finished and there are some great learning points which we would be happy to share. The final report should be ready soon.

Hi Antonio

Sounds great! The Local 2.0 project team here at the Young Foundation most definetly welcomes such a move.

Absolutely interested...I strongly support David's initial call for some more collaboration and coordination in this arena.
Hi David
I would be keen to be involved and to talk about the Digital Mentor pilot project we are running in rural Devon/Somerset starting in a few weeks. I think its important to highlight work being done in local communities even where national programmes and policy is not working to support efforts being made!
Good luck with trying to bring it all together.
Julie (COSMIC)
Thanks Julie - appreciate your encouragement. I'm on holiday with limited connections, but bacvk with plenty of ideas on the 17th

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