YouTube is life for people nowadays. It cannot be denied this video platform has become an influencing factor of everyone’s lifestyle. Statistic shows that 1.5 billion videos are watched every day. Averagely, the viewer watches for more than an hour daily through mobile device. It is not a surprise that YouTube started to be a potential field to earn money. More and more accounts are opened every day, with thousands of videos are uploaded. Indirectly, this makes the competition of getting viewers becomes more strict. That is why you need to know how to increase YouTube views the right way.

The biggest mistake of YouTuber is considering that uploading video on YouTube will automatically attract many viewers. With millions of YouTube accounts out there, it seems impossible to gain immense viewers unless your video is awesome and fantastic. Surely this is not enough to leave the video without further handling. Chances are that you will end up getting hundreds of viewers and it stops there, or the worse, less than hundred.

Simple Ways of How to Increase YouTube Views

To strive in YouTube channel is not a piece of cake. It requires time and effort, especially if you wish to be a serious YouTuber. It is not only about providing high quality and influencing content but also figuring out how to attract more visitors to view the videos. With right method, you will be able to direct more viewers even though your video is not extraordinary. While some people perform dirty play by providing hoax content or controversial videos, there are much better ways to do. The followings are ways to increase YouTube views the right way.

1. Encourage viewers to subscribe

Viewers are potential source to increase the views. People who are watching your videos should be encouraged to subscribe your channel, therefore you will have chance to show more and more attractive videos to them. How to do this? You can simply ask them to subscribe or make some attraction to subscribe at the very end of every video. Do not forget to include video description in order to help them understand what the video is about. Once your visitors subscribe, it will bring instant views for every new video you uploaded and automatically increase YouTube views.

2. Make simple survey of what your audience want to watch

The consequences of becoming a YouTuber is you need to know what the audiences really want to see. It is undoubted you are the channel owner but if you want more viewers, give what they want. Simple survey will be enough to figure out what and how they would like to watch the videos. Aside from keeping your subscribers subscribe the channel; this action also becomes a representation of your loyalty and commitment to treat subscribers and viewers as potential source. How to do this? Make use of comment field and let your viewers write anything they want. Sort out the best comment and bring them what they want.

3. Make playlist

Playlist could be a feature that you should not miss when it comes to increase YouTube views. When viewers activate the auto-play feature, this can be an advantage for you to provide playlist. Make sure the videos on the playlist are in the same themes or series. For example, you can put some videos in the same album in a playlist. Or else, make a playlist of drama series. This simple action is effective and efficient to help the viewer finding videos that they want to watch.

4. Use watermark or end screen to promote videos or channel

Another method to increase YouTube views is by promoting your videos. This is considered effective to encourage your viewers watch other videos in your channel. Add end screen or card at the end of the video to promote the other videos. Meanwhile, watermark allows you to promote the channel. Even if your viewers download the video without permission, they cannot get rid of the watermark. This is an advantage for you. Learn how to add end screen, cards, and watermark to get more viewers on your channel.

5. Stay focus

Being consistent on your niche is the key to gain more viewers. You might have a lot of questions how staying on specific thing is able to increase YouTube views. This is the simple explanation. One of reasons of your subscribers to subscribe is to get specific, detailed information about particular thing instead of anything else in general. In other words, you do not create content for everyone but for specific people. When you start uploading random things, chances are they will lose interest on your channel and unsubscribe. Therefore, it will be much better to gain repeat views other than expanding your niche but sacrifice the subscribers.

6. Learn SEO

Learning SEO is an essential when you decide to focus on YouTube. This is not an option but a must. Before finding and watching your video, surely people have to find them on search engine. This is when your SEO strategies are required. You need to be able to write attractive titles and descriptions—attractive does not mean deceiving. In addition, putting potential keyword also plays a great role in making your video search-friendly.

7. Choose attractive thumbnail image

Thumbnail images do important to increase YouTube views. When searching videos, people do merely read the title or descriptions—instead, they scan the thumbnails. This is necessary to involve compelling image on your thumbnail, allowing them to click and watch the video. You are not recommended to choose random thumbnail from automatic feature. Instead, upload custom image to make it more attractive for potential viewers.
The last but not least, you can also increase the view by using secure network to improve your channel traffic. Viewgrip is a website that can help you increase views as well as provide traffic inducement. Simply visit for further information. What do you think? Making yourself a serious YouTuber means accepting the consequences of giving the best to gain the best. When you wish to increase YouTube views, surely you need to handle the videos instead of leaving as it is after uploaded. Try to practice those steps and see how great the changes you can make.

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