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New York, NY, United States


Accra, Ghana

Ralph Gil

Ashmore, Norway

Colleen Robins

Hedel, Netherlands

Bette Manley

Tucson, AZ, United States

Liza Ellington

Libourne, France

Joyce Archuleta

Piccilli, Turks and Caicos Islands

Cecilia Chew

Hirschenstein, Austria

Paulina Strange

Killeen, TX, United States

Leandro Jarman

Vandoeuvre-L�s-Nancy, France

Angelica Phelan

Lambersart, France

Eric Hendriks

Nijmegen, Netherlands

Rob Stewart

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Adina Saperstein

Brooklyn, NY, United States

Duncan Hodgson

Blackpool, United Kingdom

Taras Timon Tymochko

Kyiv, Kyiv oblast, Ukraine

Michael Waugaman

Clevedon, North Somerset, United…

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