Apple connects iPhone models but also new technologies. In his next iPhone, the iPhone XI will have 3 cameras.

Still in development, the iPhone XI is eagerly awaited by fans of the Apple brand. The rumors around him are the craziest. But today we can tell you that the camera will have 3 cameras. We tell you everything.


Since its announcement, the iPhone X is subject to a lot of rumors. That it is on the side of the design but also of its performances. But not long ago a rumor came out. While the iPhone XS already has two cameras, it will be good three. A radical change that has an impact on its design but also on its performance.

Although the iPhone XS is already a jewel of technology, the iPhone XI will compete with professional cameras. In the meantime, its arrival and confirmation of this rumor, YouTube Concept channel has developed an iPhone model with three cameras. It could look like:

However, we will have to be patient again. The smartphone does indeed come out in nine months.


While the rumor that the iPhone XI would have 3 cameras is getting bigger and bigger. The giant Apple is organizing a photo contest entitled “Shot on iPhone”. Indeed, you have until February 7 to take pretty pictures with your iPhone.

After making your choice, you have two possible ways to send them to Apple. First, on Instagram or Twitter, you post them with the keyword #ShotOniPhone. You must also write a legend and the model of the phone. But you can also send them by email to the following address: You must rename the photos with “name_name-iphone_name”. Retouching can be done.

The 10 winners selected worldwide will not win a monetary reward or free iPhone giveaway. Apple will indeed use the winning pictures in its next advertising campaigns. If you want to participate, we invite you to read the conditions of participation on the site of Apple.

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